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How to Win a Rugby World Cup Using Lean Six Sigma

How to Win a Rugby World Cup Using Lean Six Sigma 

1. Keep your Eye on the Process Always

If you take your eye off the process and start thinking about the outcome, it spells disaster. Ireland started thinking about winning the World Cup during the Six Nations; the All Blacks in the semifinal and England in the Final. 

2. Obey the Orming Principle

All teams obey the Orming rule; the Ireland team had reached the reforming stage but we chose to ignore it and tried to hang on, it didnít work. Both Brian Cody (Manager of the Kilkenny Hurling Team - Winners of 11 All Ireland Champions) and Jim Gavin (Manager of the 5-in-a-Row All-Ireland Winning Football Team) understand the Orming principle.  

3. Stick to the Process Even When It Seems Dull  

South Africa never took their eye off the process, they realized that sometimes the process may be boring but itís still the process and they won the World Cup. 

To find out more about how Lean Six Sigma can improve your outcomes and to learn about the Orming principle of team behaviour, 
come along to one of our Lean Six Sigma courses run through our training partner SQT Training Ltd.

John Lafferty is the tutor for the above training course. John also delivers courses in areas such as Quality Systems, Process Validation, Software Validation and Quality Risk Management on behalf of SQT. John runs the Quality Management Consultancy, Northridge Quality & Validation, which specialises in providing assistance to the Medical Devices and Pharmaceutical sector.


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