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Technical Writing Tip of Month - Writing Style

Technical Writing Tip - Writing Style

Written by John Lafferty

Read time: 2 minutes

Writing Style

Tailor your writing style for your intended reader to make your document more effective and easier to understand. Always bear in mind the technical level of the reader when writing your document.
Use formal rather than informal language; for example, use the word completed rather than done, occurred instead of happened etc.  
Remember, this does not mean that you should try to use big words or, overcomplicated or convoluted sentences. Simple, direct language is best. 
Do not overload your sentences; keep them short and to the point. 
To give greater clarity; use precise, specific word choices rather than generalisations e.g. The mean tensile strength increased by 20%; rather than, a significant improvement in strength was achieved. 

Technical Writing Skills Training Course  

Northridge Quality & Validation and our training partners, SQT Training are running a comprehensive training course on Technical Writing Skills. Note: This course will be delivered via a Virtual Classroom (not in person) 

Course Title: Technical Writing Skills 

Course Date and Booking: The next course will be delivered by Virtual Classroom delivery on 24th June 2020 so that you can attend without leaving your home or office. Course booking and future course dates can be found on the SQT Training website. 

Course Content: Our structured, practical programme will help you to identify the key message you need to deliver in your written document and to deliver it clearly and concisely in a way that will ensure it is understood.

Course Tutor - John Lafferty

John also delivers courses in Quality Systems, Process Validation, Software Validation and Quality Risk Management on behalf of SQT. John runs a highly successful Quality Management Consultancy, Northridge Quality & Validation, which specialises in assisting companies in the Life Sciences manufacturing sector.


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