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Technical Writing Tip of the Month - The Description
16th May 2019

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11th April 2019

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4th April 2019


Technical Writing Tip of the Month - Using Paragraphs

Technical Writing Tip of the Month

Technical Writing - Using Paragraphs

A good document should have a clear structure. Dividing your document into multiple paragraphs will result in a document which is much easier for the reader to understand and will help deliver the message effectively.
Each paragraph should contain one idea.
Each new paragraph should begin with a topic sentence.
Follow the topic sentence with your analysis.
Close the paragraph with a transition sentence which rounds off the idea or links it to the next paragraph. Adhering to the above will bring about a significant improvement in the flow of your document.
To find out more about this and other practical tips that will improve your technical writing why not check Technical Writing Skills training courses from SQT Training. To enquire further or to book, simply log on to


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